DAWN International comprises Dawn Africa, DPI International (the manufacturing businesses in Africa and Mauritius), Incledon International and DAWN's manufacturing companies' exports.

These products are distributed to about 50 countries in sub - Saharan Africa, Australia, New Zealand, South America, the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

Growth in Africa is a key strategy of the DAWN Group. Having started expansion into Africa and the Indian Ocean islands nine years ago, the Group is pleased with the strong progress achieved. Revenue from international activities has increased from less than R150 million in F2005 to R1,6 billion for F2014

Revenue is made up as follows:

  • Exports from South Africa grew by 24%;
  • DPI International's factories in Africa grew revenue by 26%; and
  • Dawn Africa continued to entrench its African presence through its trading business, showing a 7% growth.

Dawn Customer Care

Tel: 0860 329 622 | E-mail: customerservice@dawnltd.co.za

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